TrillaMed is now offering the RDS-32a Rapid UVC Decontamination Systems through their partnership with TMG Health Technologies.

TrillaMed and TMG Health Technologies have partnered together to offer the Rapid UVC Decontamination Systems (RDS-32a). The RDS-32a is a hands-free, chemical-free, and risk-free decontamination device designed for the sanitation of sensitive electronics, devices, tools, personal effects, and supplies. The RDS-32a has set the industry benchmark for capacity, throughput, reliability and performance by simplifying the sanitation protocol to a one-step decontamination process providing up to a certified 99.9999% or 6 Log₁₀ deactivation of pathogens in 30 seconds according to EPA Test Standards by standardizing cleaning protocols using patented M2D Technology that Measures and Monitors the system performance to ensure that every decontamination cycle creates the same result and guarantees all major pathogens, including SARS-CoV2, C-diff Spores, MRSA, and MERS, are terminated. Operators use the “RDS” with great confidence, because with M2D Technology, they know it’s clean.

TMG Health Technologies’s Rapid UVC Decontamination Systems is the proven solution to extending PPE supply inventories and preventing cross contamination. The RDS is large enough to fit 1000s of items but small enough to fit anywhere. Unique to the RDS design is the ability to sanitize both portable wireless and wired devices and operate as a fixed desktop or mobile room-to-room system. The RDS-32a can also be accessorized into a complete Sanitation Station with wipes, hand sanitizer dispenser, masks, and gloves for “real-time disinfection, every time.”